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A City of Music (From blue to yellow, Life in Ukraine)


The following article was kindly submitted by Alla Kyslenko. Alla worked as a coordinator at an International competition for young pianists, in memory of Vladimir Horowitz.

Thanks to Alla for the submission and thanks also to her friend Yana Kondratieva for recommending this site. If you have any stories of your own, please send them to

Beyond the auditions

June-2012 was not only a rich month for football fans, but also for music lovers. From the 8th until the 23rd June 2012, the IX International Competition for Young Pianists took place for intermediate and senior groups. The competition is held in memory of Vladimir Horowitz , and took place at the  Lysenko Column Hall of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine.

The competition is a set of serious auditions, but is that all?
I am very pleased to say “No, it isn’t”. It’s far more than that.

It’s an opportunity to communicate, to share thoughts, ideas, to get to know other cultures and perform your skills. Anything else? Certainly! It’s a possibility to upgrade knowledge and to remember previous achievements!

Konstantin Emelyanov, II prize-winner from Russia

Some other feelings? Undoubtedly, yes!

Everybody can’t help being impatient to find out the results after each round!

Rejoice of being accepted to next rounds

Nikita Morozov, participant from Russia, and Jelizaveta Terentjeva a participant from Latvia

Triumph at the moment of being awarded a gold medal!

From left to right: Oleksandr Zlotnyk , Jury chairman, Ganna Sliusarenko, representative of PJSC “Ukrsotsbank” (UniCredit Bank) and Alexander Sinchuk, I prize-winner from Russia

Was there anything else besides the competition? Yes, it was Kyiv! Here’s how it was seen by Horowitz competition’s participants!

Jelizaveta Terentjeva, participant from Latvia

One of Liza’s friends asked one interesting question: Why was a hedgehog put on the tree trunk? I think it was difficult for her to answer. Honestly, I don’t know even myself))

 Ketevan Chkhartishvili, III prize-winner from Georgia

It’s impossible not to dive into the atmosphere of Euro-2012. Every day all participants were going through a fan zone to get to the National Philharmonic of Ukraine. They got inspired!

Theoretically, at the competition pianists are rivals but it’s great that at the competition a lot of competitors got on well with each other and made friends….and then took photos in Kyiv streets!

From left to right: Aslan Aslanov, participant and a holder of a special prize from Azerbaijan, De Padova Giulio, participant from Italy,  Sayaka Nakaya, participant from Japan, Gullotta Guiseppe, participant from Italy.

All-in-all, competitions are a matter of getting acquainted with cultures, a matter of professionalism!

Article: Alla Kyslenko

Photos: Lidiya Novokhatko, Jelizaveta Terentjeva, Ketevan Chkhartishvili, Sayaka Nakaya 

© 1997-2007, Horowitz Competition, All rights reserved.