Group “Horowitz - Debut", 2016


XІ International Competition for Young Pianists

 in Memory of Vladimir Horowitz



(April 21 - 25, 2016)


1. Competition conditions


The Competition in Group "Horowitz-Debut" is opened to young pianists of all nationalities, born after April 25, 2002. 

The Competition in Group "Horowitz - Debut" is held in four separate groups.

The contestant has the right to participate in one, two, three or four groups on condition of registration, casting of lots and fee payment in every group.

To participate in the Competition it is necessary to send the following documents:

 -   enclosed Application form filled out by block letters with duration of each piece;

 -   copy of birth certificate;

 -   two black and white (half-length) glossy pictures, size 9x12  cm, suitable for printing in a booklet, and taken since 2015;

 -   copies of documents confirming previous awards in competitions.


Deadline for applications is February 10, 2016 according the online-application on the competition's website

Candidates, who have been students of any of jury members for the last 2 years, and those, who are relatives of any of jury members, are not allowed to take part at the Competition.

Incomplete sets of documents and documents sent with a delay will not be considered.

Administration doesn't provide participants with a medical insurance.


Having considered the received documents, the Administration determines the participants and sends them invitations by March 10, 2016. List of competitors will be placed on the web site of the Competition:


All participants who receive invitations must notify the Administration about the exact date and time of their arrival at the Competition by April 01, 2016. Foreign participants are responsible for getting their own passports and visas. Applicants should contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate of Ukraine for advice.

The Competition Fee is US $50 or the equivalent of the sum according to the exchange rate in the National Bank of Ukraine and is paid during registration.

The registration and casting of lots of the contestants will be held from 10 a.m. till 1 p.m. on April 20, 2016 at the Administration office: Kyiv, 31 Tolstogo str.   

All participants' stay as well as the stay of their accompanying persons during the Competition will be covered at their own expense.

Rehearsals at the Competition Concert Hall are not provided.


2. The Jury


The Jury of the Competition works according "Regulations of the Jury A list of jury members will be published on the Competition's website by February 01, 2016.


The Jury estimates participants' performances by secret vote during all rounds.

The Jury may interrupt a competitor's performance if he or she overruns the allowed time. The Jury's decisions are final and cannot be questioned at all stages of the Competition.                             


3.  Repertory Requirements


             1st Group  "A" Elementary

         Program of the participant's choice.

         Performance duration - 10 minutes.       


             2nd Group "B" Elementary

       Program of the participant's choice with    

       obligatory performance of Etude.

        Performance duration -15 minutes.


              3rd  Group "C" Advanced

        Program of the participant's choice with     

        obligatory performance:

       - Sonata (1st or 2nd-3rd parts) or variations;

       - Virtuoso composition

        Performance duration -20 minutes.


          4th  Group "D" Advanced

      Performance of a part of concerto for piano with orchestra

      (accompanied by another piano).


Winners of the Group "D" Advanced take part in the Closing Concert with the orchestra in the Lysenko Column Hall of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine.


The winners of the Competition in group "Horowitz - Debut" receive diplomas and gifts, and take part in the Closing Concert of the Competition.

The Administration of the Competition has the right to engage the winners in concert activities during season 2016-2018.

The Administration has an exclusive right to all audio and video records of Competition's performances; they are the property of the International Charitable Fund of Vladimir Horowitz Competition.

The Administration has an exclusive right to sign contracts with other parties with the aim to realize above materials.

Competitors aren't provided with the fees for the Competition's materials used by the Administration.


ATTENTION! Program presented in the application cannot be changed during the Competition. In case of contradictions in the interpretation of these Conditions, the Ukrainian text is considered to be only correct one.


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