Junior group, 2018

JUNIOR GROUP (APRIL 19 - 25, 2018)

1. Competition conditions

The Competition in the Junior Group is opened to young pianists of all nationalities, born between April 19, 2003 and April 19, 2009.

Selection of participants is done on the basis of received documents by the Administration of the Competition.

Candidates should provide the following documents: 

- Application form filled out on the web site of the Competition: www.horowitzv.org with duration of each piece;

- copy of birth certificate or passport;

-  glossy pictures (half-length), size 300 dpi, suitable for printing in a booklet, and taken since 2017;

- copies of documents confirming previous Competitions' awards.

Deadline for receipt documents and photos on the e-mail: horowitz@horowitzv.org  and the online-application on the web site:http://www.horowitzv.org is February 10, 2018

Candidates, who have been students of any of Jury members for the last 2 years, and those, who are relatives of any of Jury members, are not allowed to take part at the Competition. 

Incomplete sets of documents and documents sent with a delay will not be considered.

Administration doesn't provide participants with a medical insurance. 

Having considered the received documents, the Administration of the Competition determines the participants and sends them invitations by March 10, 2018. List of competitors will be placed on the web site of the Competition www.horowitzv.org

All participants who will receive invitations must notify the Competition Administration about the date of their arrival at the Competition by April 01, 2018.
Foreign participants are responsible for obtaining their own passports and visas. Applicants should contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate of Ukraine for advice.
The registration and casting of lots of the contestants will be held from 10 a.m. till 1 p.m. on April 19, 2018 at the Administration office: Kyiv, 31 Tolstogo str.

 The Competition Fee is USA $70 or the equivalent of the sum according to the exchange rate in the National Bank of Ukraine and is paid during registration.
The sequence of participants' performances is determined by casting of lots and remains until the end of the Competition.

The Competition's auditions are open to the public.

Repertoire must be played from memory.

Program of the Third Round is performed with accompaniment of the Symphony Orchestra.

Prize winners of the Competition are obligated to take part in Closing Concert and accept the offered concert engagements which form an integral part of the prize. 

 2. The Jury

The Jury of the Competition works according to the "Regulations of the Jury".  A list of Jury members will be published on the Competition's website by February 01, 2018.

The Jury estimates participants' performances by secret vote during all rounds.

The Jury may interrupt a Competitor's performance if he or she overruns the allowed time. The Jury's decisions are final and cannot be questioned at all stages of the Competition.   

 3. Administration

The Administration  does not provide participants with medical insurance. 

The Administration of the Competition provides free of charge with:

- accommodation to competitors accepted to the First Round while he/she is taking part at the Competition,
payment of other living conditions is not compensated.

 -acoustic rehearsals (10 min.) before the First Round and one rehearsal with the orchestra for participants of the Third Round in the Competition Concert Halls. 

The Administration has an exclusive right to all audio, video records and broadcast of Competition's performances on the Internet; they are property of the International Charitable Fund of Vladimir Horowitz Competition.

The Administration has an exclusive right to sign contracts with other parts with the aim to advertise or sell out above-mentioned materials.

Competitors aren't provided with the fees for the Competition's materials used by the Administration. 

4. Prizes

1st Prize -$2,000 USA, the title of the Prize-winner and the Gold Medal;

2nd Prize - $1,500 USA, the title of the Prize-winner and the Silver Medal;

3rd Prize - $1,000 USA, the title of the Prize-winner and the Bronze Medal;

4th Prize - $600 USA, the title of the Prize-winner;

5th Prize - $300 USA, the title of the Prize-winner;

6th Prize - $200 USA, the title of the Prize-winner. 

The Prizes are awarded according to the Jury's decision.

Depending on competitors' achieved results and within limits of the established amount of prizes the Jury has the right to:

- not to award all prizes;

- divide awards (except for the first prize) among competitors.

Sponsor Prizes and Encouragement Prizes are available.

All Prizes are paid in Ukrainian national currency and are subject to income tax according to the current Ukrainian legislation. 

5. Repertoire Requirements

First Round

1. Bach. One Prelude and Fugue from the Well-Tempered Clavier

2. Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, (on the participant's choice). I or II-III parts of Sonata

3. Clementi, Czerny (op. 740),  Moszkowski, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff (on the participant's choice). One virtuoso etude.

4. A piece of Ukrainian composer

 Performance duration is up to 20 minutes.  

Second Round

1. Obligatory work (look at Attachment № 1 "List of obligatory works for the Second Round")

2. One or more pieces by composers from Romantic period to present time.

Performance duration is up to 20 minutes

Third Round

1. First movement or second and third movements of a concerto. One-movement-concerto is performed in complete volume (look at Attachment № 2 "List of works for the Third Round").


The Program given in the Application form cannot be changed after February 20, 2018.        In case of contradictions in the interpretation of these Conditions, the Ukrainian text is considered to be the only correct one.


Attachment 1. List of obligatory works for Second Round.

Scarlatti. Sonata

Mendelssohn. "Lied ohne Worte"

Schubert. Impromptu

Chopin. Mazurka

Chopin. Nocturne

Liszt. Consolation

Moszkowski. Etude

Moszkowski. "Sparkles"

Debussy. Prelude

Rachmaninoff. Prelude

Rachmaninoff. Musical moment

Rachmaninoff. One of transcriptions

Rachmaninoff. Polka

Skriabin. Prelude


Attachment 2. Works of the Third Round. Concertos for piano with orchestra.

Bach f-moll, d-moll                             Haydn D-dur                                            Grieg a-moll

Mozart KV 491 c-moll                        Beethoven № 1,2,3,4,5                             Liszt № 1,2

             KV 537 D-dur                         Mendelssohn g-moll                                 Chopin № 1,2

             KV 488 A-dur                          Schumann a-moll                                    Saint-Saens g-moll

             KV 466 d-moll                        Tchaikovsky № 1                                      Brahms. № 1,2

             KV 467 C-dur                         Ravel G major                                           Gershwin F major
Skriabin F sharp minor                         Prokofiev № 1,2,3                                     Skoryk № 2

Rachmaninoff № 1 (2nd edition), 2, 3;   Rhapsody on Paganini's Theme             Shostakovich № 1, 2

Revutsky. Concerto                   Lyatoshynsky. Slavic Concerto                   

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