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Listen and watch live streams of the Horowitz Competition Kyiv-Geneva.

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A member of the World Federation of International Music Competitions (WFIMC) since 2004, the International Competition for Young Pianists in Memory of Vladimir Horowitz has been severely impacted by the ongoing war in Ukraine. The World Federation of International Music Competitions thus taken the initiative to host this competition in Geneva (Switzerland), as a gesture of support for a great cultural institution, as well as an attempt to bridge differences and bring people together through music.

The World Federation will thus present the Horowitz Competition under the name Horowitz Competition Kyiv-Geneva, from 13-21 April 2023 in Geneva. WFIMC believes their mission of striving for artistic excellence, authenticity, fairness and equality to support young artists is meaningless unless they give an example to show their social and cultural responsibility: to bring a devastated arts institution back into view; to support young artists in war-torn Ukraine; and to show that common values and common understanding among young people can build a basis for a better future.

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R. Glier Kyiv Municipal Academy of Music
Administration of International Competition for Young Pianists in Memory of Vladimir Horowitz
31, Hetman Pavlo Skoropadskyi str., Kyiv, 01032, Ukraine
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Summer Music Academy
In 1998 International competition for Young Pianists in memory of Vladimir Horowitz initiated a "School of performing mastery". Significant events of the national musical life were the master classes of Warren Thomson (Australia), Vladimir Krainev, Vadim Rudenko, Viktor Abramian (Russia), Norma Fisher (Great Britain), Dina Yoffe, Emanuel Krasovsky, Vera Vaidman (Israel), Adam Wibrowski (Poland), Michael Markov (the Netherlands), Bernd Goetzke (Germany), Mark Lakirovich, Vladimir Panteleyev (the USA), Yakov Kasman (the USA), Therese Dussaut (France), recognized Ukrainian professors - Igor Riabov, Valeriy Kozlov, Borys Arkhimovych, Yuriy Kot

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Kyiv Summer Music Evenings
Annual summer music festival, founded in 1998, follows the European tradition of holding the concerts on the open-air venues. The Festival’s concerts take place for two months at every weekend on the Summer stage of the Central park of Culture and Resort in the capital of Ukraine Kyiv. >>

Virtuosos of the planet
Music Festival with the participation of the stars of performing art – laureates of the first prizes of international competitions that are the members of the World Federation of International Music Competitions (WFIMC). >>

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