Summer Music Academy 2011

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Ministry of culture of Ukraine

Main department of culture of Kyiv City State Administration

The International Charitable Fund of the Vladimir Horowitz Competition

R.Glier Kyiv Institute of Music


International Summer Music Academy

28 June - 11 July 2011


Studies take place at the R.Glier Kyiv Institute of Music (R.Glier Kyiv State Higher Music College).

Those who wish can study at the Academy regardless age, nationality or professional level.

This program of study provides thorough professional training for the participants and offers the following master classes:


6 classes, 45 minutes each

violin (viola)

6 classes, 45 minutes each

play with orchestra

6 classes, 45 minutes each, one rehearsal and a performance with orchestra

chamber ensemble

5 classes, 45 minutes each

The master classes are given by:

Piano; Play with orchestra (for pianists)

Alain Planes (France). Lessons are given in French and English.

Yakov Kasman (USA). Lessons are given in Russian and English.

Yuriy Kot (Ukraine). Lessons are given in Ukrainian, English, Serbian and Russian.

Vadim Rudenko(Russia). Lessons are given in Russian and English.

Violin, viola; Play with orchestra (for violists and viola players)

Chamber ensemble classes

Mikhail Kugel (Belgium). Lessons are given in English, German, Hebrew and Russian.

Mark Lakirovich (USA). Lessons are given in Russian and English.

Master - class "Play with orchestra" is accompanied by National Academic Honoured Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine

Conductors: Volodymyr Sirenko, People's Artist of Ukraine, Laureate of the Taras Shevchenko National Premium of Ukraine

                      Nataliia Ponomarchuk, Honoured Figure of Arts of Ukraine

Application form should be sent to:

Lidia Kovtiukh, Summer Music Academy

R.Glier Kyiv Institute of Music

31, Tolstogo St.

Kyiv 01032, Ukraine

Tel.: +38 (044) 288 32 38; +38 (044) 288 15 66

Fax: +38 (044) 288 32 68


A completed application form with a personal signature is an agreement to abide by the terms stated in the prospectus.


Deadline for receipt of applications is June 1, 2011.


  • Application forms received after June 1, 2011 will not be considered.
  • If the Administration receives more applications than can be accommodated, the master class will be formed taking into account the dates the applications are received.
  • The Administration reserves the right to cancel the master-class in any given specialty if fewer than 5 applications are received for the specialty; in that event, applicants will be informed before the start of the Academy.


Information about your acceptance as a participant of the Summer Music Academy you can obtain after 15 June 2011 by e-mail


Terms of study: 

  • Arrival and registration will be June 28, 2010 from 8.00 a.m to 3.00 p.m.
  • Classes of the Summer Music Academy will be held from 29 June to 11 July inclusively.
  • Classes of Summer Music Academy stipulate an active form of participation and are open to the participants of the Academy and to the public.
  • After taking master classes participants will receive a certificate of International Summer Music Academy.


  • Students of the Summer Music Academy are provided with:

-   accommodation,

-   facilities for practicing,

-   concert halls for solo, ensemble and orchestra performances,

-   professional orchestra for performances of soloists with orchestra,

  • - accompanists for violin, viola and cello classes


Interpreter services are not provided.


  • During the Summer Music Academy participants are expected to perform in concerts.

That's why, participants must include in their repertoire pieces for concert performances.


  • There is a preliminary selection for those who wish to play with the orchestra. For this you must send a video of the piece you have selected (you may be accompanied by piano) with your application form. Attention! Participants of the master classes should provide the orchestra with the score and orchestral parts.

  • The schedule of performances with orchestra will be agreed by the Administration of the Summer Music Academy with the conductors and cannot be changed.

Performances of participants of the Academy at the International festival "Kyiv Summer Music Evenings" with National Honoured Academic Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine will take place on July 5-10, 2011.

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