Summer Music Academy 2018

Ministry of Culture of Ukraine
Main Department of Culture of Kyiv City State Administration
R. Glier Kyiv Institute of Music
The International Charitable Fund of the Vladimir Horowitz Competition
present International Summer Music Academy,

June 27- July 12, 2018

Academy? What is it?

About the Academy

Each summer Kyiv accepts all who wish to improve their professional skills, to enjoy communion
with the Music, to present their art to the Kyiv citizens and guests.

For 20 years, the oldest music educational establishment in Ukraine - R.Glier Kyiv Institute of Music
and International Competition for Young Pianists in Memory of Vladimir Horowitz offer young musicians
to improve solo, ensemble music-making and playing with the orchestra; give an opportunity
to communicate with leading musicians-professors of the world.

Over the years world famous professors: Warren Thomson (Australia) Mikhail Kugel (Belgium),
Igor Olovnikov (Belarus), Norm Fisher (UK), Vera Vaidman, Michael Vaiman, Dina Yoffe,
Emanuel Krasovsky, (Israel), Anatoly Zatin  (Mexico),  Michael Markov (the Netherlands),
Boris Bloch, Bernd Goetzke (Germany), Adam Vibrovski (Poland), Viktor Abramian, Vladimir Krainev,
Vadim Rudenko, Margarita Shaposhnikova (Russia), Yakov Kasman, Mark Lakirovich Vladimir Pantelyev,
Mykola Suk (USA), Therese Dussaut, Olivier Cazal, Dimitri Naiditch, Alain Planès (France) and
recognized Ukrainian professors: Borys Arkhimovych, Anatoly Bazhenov, Bogodar Kotorovich,
Valeriy Kozlov, Yuriy Kot, Yevhen Rzhanov, Igor Riabov, presented their professional skills for
students. In recent years, to master-classes are invited young musicians: laureate of internationa
l competitions Denis Severin, prize winners of the International Competition for Young Pianists in
Memory of Vladimir Horowitz Alexei Grynyuk and Maria Pukhlianko. Having a modern view on the
competitive movement, the trends of the performing process, they are dynamic, creative in
communicating with students.

Master classes contributed to the artistic formation of several generations of young musicians.
Some of them are now part of the musical elite of their generation.

Two weeks in July become unforgettable, because they give happiness of improvement, happiness
of communication,
happiness of intellectual enrichment.

Summer Music Academy - 2018

Studies take place at the - R. Glier Kyiv Institute of Music
Those who wish can study at the Academy regardless of age, nationality or professional level.
Educational program:

1. Solo performance (piano, violin, cello)

6 lessons, 45 minutes each

2. Performance with the orchestra

6 lessons, 45 minutes each, two rehearsals and a performance with the orchestra

3. Ensemble music-making

5 lessons, 45 minutes each

4. The history and cultural traditions of Kyiv (excursion discussion)

5. Concert experience

Master classes are given by:


Performance with the orchestra

Solo performance

Yakov Kasman (USA)

Lessons are given in English, Russian and French.

Olivier Cazal (France)

Lessons are given in French and English.

Alexei Grynyuk (Great Britain)

Lessons are given in Ukrainian, English and Russian.

Maria Pukhlianko (Ukraine)

Lessons are given in Ukrainian, English and Russian.


Performance with the orchestra

Solo performance

Mark Lakirovich (USA)

Lessons are given in Russian and English.

Anatoly Bazhenov (Ukraine)

Lessons are given in Ukrainian, English and Russian.


Performance with the orchestra

Solo performance

Denis Severin (Switzerland)

Lessons are given in French, English and Russian.

ensemble music-making

Olivier Cazal (France)

Mark Lakirovich (USA)

Master class "Play with the orchestra" is accompanied by




People's Artist of Ukraine,
Laureate of Taras Shevchenko National Prize

IGOR ANDRIEVSKY Honored Artist of Ukraine

Comment: Students choose one or several master classes and pass them under the guidance of professors.


The program of the International Summer Music Academy provides a various concert practice
on the International
Festival Kyiv Summer Music Evenings. Performances of students are held in the concert halls,
creative institutions,
students of the Academy can play as solo, and as part of the ensemble and orchestra.

Except classes and concerts, the Academy program offers students an opportunity to get acquainted with
the history, culture, traditions of Ukraine.

Two weeks in Kyiv become unforgettable for participants of the International Summer Music Academy.
Tense classes, communication with prominent professors, performers, conductors, concert performances
are real events
for young musicians and fans of musical art.

How to become a student of the Academy?

The application form is to be filled online on the web site:


and on the following address:

Lidia Kovtiukh,
Summer Music Academy R. Glier Kyiv Institute of music

31, Lva Tolstogo St., Kyiv 01032, Ukraine
Tel.: 38 (044) 288 32 38; 38 (044) 288 32 65 Fax: 38 (044) 288 32 68
A completed application form with a personal signature is an agreement to abide by the terms stated
in the prospectus.

Those who wish to participate in the master class «Performance with the orchestra» need to pass the preliminary
selection. For this, together with application form you must send a video recording with performance of the
selected music piece (you may be accompanied by piano) on the address of the Academy.

For this, together with online application form on the electronic address of the Academy -
you must send a YouTube link with the performance of the selected music piece (you may be accompanied by piano),
the link should be with limited access,when uploading the video to YouTube channel, you should select
the function «Unlisted»).

Deadline for receipt applications forms - June 1, 2018.


 - application forms received after June 1, 2017 will not be considered;

 - in case of receipt large number of application forms, corresponding master class will be formed taking into
account the term of acceptance of application forms; 

 - in case of receipt less than 5 application forms corresponding master class will not take place, which will be
communicated to the applicants.

Information about the acceptance to the International Summer Music Academy can be received
after June 10, 2018 on our web site:

Arrival and registration of students - June 27, 2018
from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
in the R.Glier Kyiv Institute of Music
31, Lva Tolstogo str., Kyiv, Ukraine

How to study in the Academy?

Classes in the International Summer Music Academy will be held from June 28 to July 12 (inclusively)
in the R.Glier Kyiv Institute of Music.

Classes include active forms of learning and are open to the public.

The schedule of classes and concerts is planned by the Administration of the Academy.

Students of the International Summer Music Academy are provided with:

- conditions (classes) for self-study solo program and ensemble music-making;     

- сoncert halls for solo, ensemble performances and performances with the orchestra;

- professional orchestra for performances of soloists and orchestra;

- accompanists for studies in classes of violin and cello;

- at will students can live in a hotel (hotels):

hotel IBIS

hostel Delil

During the work of the Academy, in the academy works a dining room where you can eat tasty and
inexpensive food.
Students can pass a solo master class of one or more professors, please specify it in the application form.
Schedule of performances with the orchestra are formed by the Administration of the International
Summer Music Academy together with conductors and can not be changed.
Performances of students of the Academy with orchestra at the International Festival
«Kyiv Summer Music Evenings»: 1; 6-8; 11-12 July, 2018.
The program of the Academy includes the solo performance of each student in concerts.
Therefore, we ask you to prepare pieces for concert performances.

If the student wishes to pass a certain repertoire in the class of ensemble music making, specify it in the
application form, it will be concidered during the formation of ensemble compositions and concert programs.

After passing master classes, students receive a certificate of the International Summer Music Academy.

Master classes are not provided with translators.

Attention! Participants of the master class "Performance with the orchestra" provide their own the orchestra scores and orchestral parts.




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