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Magda Amara, Piano

Jeunesses Musicalies-Bucharest 1998 and the 1st International Gaydamovich chamber music competition-Magnitagorsk 2007

Magda Amara continues to perform, participate and win more prizes such as: 1st Musicalia 2000 (2nd prize), 1st Rubinshtein's Moscow pianists competition 2001 (1st prize), 1st Moscow open piano competition 2003 (1st prize), International piano competiton - Sulmoni 2005 (3rd prize), 7th Internatinal Horowitz competition 2006 (3rd prize), 14th Brahms international chamber music competition 2007 (3rd prize).

Magda have toured most European cities with concerts, she plays with different Russian orchestras through the Spivakov organization and the Moscow Philharmony in Russian and Ukrainian cities, all that side by side with her studies at the Moscow Conservatory with Moscow's famous Prof. Sergei Darensky who had more than 120 international competitions laureates in his class (Ramzi Yassa, Denis Matsuev, Pavel Nersissian among others.)

Magda Amara was chosen as a soloist with Moscow Youth Philharmony in 2005.

In Egypt Magda Emara played in the main hall of the Cairo Opera House with the Cairo Symphony Orchestra, at Manasterly palace and in Sayed Darweesh Theater in Alexandria.


M. Klementi      

Sonata G major Op. 25

F. Chopin        

Scherzo B minor 

F. Liszt            

Nocturne "Liebestraume"

Rhapsodie  Espagnole



4 pieces from the suite "The Nutcracker"

S. Rachmaninoff   

5 preludes Op. 23, Op. 32


Etude-tableaux Op. 39 no.9 D major





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