Junior group 2018

Terletskyi Bohdan<br>(Ukraine)Terletskyi Bohdan<br>(Ukraine)

Terletskyi Bohdan

Junior Group 1 prize and the Golden Medal

Nebaba Anna<br>(Ukraine)Nebaba Anna<br>(Ukraine)

Nebaba Anna

Junior Group 2 prize and the Silver Medal

Pung Rae Yue<br>(Australia)Pung Rae Yue<br>(Australia)

Pung Rae Yue

Junior Group 6 prize

Zholobova Sofiia<br>(Ukraine)Zholobova Sofiia<br>(Ukraine)

Zholobova Sofiia

Junior Group 5 prize

Plieshakova Mariia-Luiza<br>(Ukraine)Plieshakova Mariia-Luiza<br>(Ukraine)

Plieshakova Mariia-Luiza

Junior Group 4 prize

Shadryna Airys<br>(Belarus)Shadryna Airys<br>(Belarus)

Shadryna Airys

Junior Group 3 prize and the Bronze Medal

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